Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK)

Executive Director's Message

NUK has mostly focusing on it’s restructuring and transition from its more donors dependency to self-sufficiency and sustainability reflecting on the organization’s bright future as a pathfinder in the field of its women’s empowerment agenda. NUK has working to seek out new opportunities and modify approaches built on NUK’s comparative advantages for the future.

NUK’s renewed vision is to empower women and girls to make them

Established in 1991, Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK) is a national non-government women’s organization, mandated to promote gender equality, human rights and fostering personal and political empowerment of women and girls in Bangladesh. It provides capacity building support, networking and human rights advocacy to women and her relevant organizations.

During NUK‘s journey over the last 25 years, it has gained substantial and diversity of experience in implementing and developing model projects in the gender dimension. Due to its uncompromising spirit of gender equality, NUK has been recognized as advocate of gender equality and a potential organization of pro-women and pro-girls organization. Since its inception, NUK has been supported by international foundations, missions, bilateral and multilateral agencies. As a progressive organization and a Centre of Excellence for women empowerment, it has also been receiving support and cooperation from the individuals, government agencies, financial institutions and the corporate bodies.

NUK is a pioneer in working with garment workers, and significant player in local government capacity building and has accumulated more than 25 years of experience.


NUK‘s long-term vision is to empower women and girls to make them aware about their individual rights, train those to act collectively and promote gender equality through education, networking and advocacy at the state, society and community levels.

This vision is aligned with national development efforts contained in the Government of Bangladesh’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (2005-7) and Millennium Goals, which emphasises participatory governance and the advancement of women.

Development Goal

NUK‘s immediate development goal is to support women’s leadership and representation in local government bodies, education institues, workplace and national level with sufficient critical mass to affect social norms, development policy and programmes in favour of women.


NUK will adopt the following principles in its work and use these to make strategic choices about the kind of activities it will engage in. These principles are independence, inclusion, innovation, non-confrontation, adding value, empowerment and value for money

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We believe that listening to the unheard voices of the women and adolescent girls of our country can provide us with a different, valuable perspective on the economic hidden power of women whose hand can also share a burden for living and help live life better than ever. This is why we help to provide opportunities for them to communicate their views in their own way. Working together, we can contribute to building better lives for the most deserving and can look ahead to a better future for them.

Our Recent Activites

নারী উদ্যোগ কেন্দ্র-এর সফলতার ২৫ বছর উদ্যাপনে

নারী উদ্যোগ কেন্দ্র-এর সফলতার ২৫ বছর উদ্যাপনে “পোশাক শিল্প ও শ্রমিকের ক্ষমতায়ন” শীর্ষক জাতীয় কর্মশালা অনুষ্ঠিতনারী উদ্যোগ কেন্দ্র (নউক) জাতীয় পর্যায়ে ভূমিকা পালনকারী একটি বেসরকারী

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কেন্দ্র-এর সফলতার ২৫ বছর উদযাপনে

“নারী ও কিশোরী ক্ষমতায়নে ক্রীড়া” শীর্ষক জাতীয় কর্মশালা অনুষ্ঠিত নারী উদ্যোগ কেন্দ্র (নউক) জাতীয় পর্যায়ে ভূমিকা পালনকারী একটি বেসরকারী উন্নয়নমূলক সংগঠন হিসেবে নারীর প্রতি সকল

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Make a world of difference to women and girls in Bangladesh! NUK operates on much stretched funds while its programs face astounding demand. Your donations may help make revolutionary changes for women and girls and keep us from turning away from those in need. Because every penny makes a difference to the lives of women and girls in Bangladesh, all contributions to NUK are significant which we greatly appreciate.

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