Nari Uddug Kendra

Nari Uddug Kendra, which translates to the “Center for Women’s Initiatives,” is a 24-year-old non-governmental organization mandated to promote gender equality, human rights, personal and political empowerment of women and girls in Bangladesh.  NUK understands that gender-sensitive development work demands increased attention to women’s extreme vulnerability to poverty, lack of decision-making power, susceptibility to violence and insecurity, and sustained marginalization at all levels of the development process.  To that end, NUK’s comprehensive development intervention concentrates on ensuring genuine integration of women into social leadership, access and control over family and public resources, and in the development policy formulation and increased political participation. NUK is registered as a national women NGO under the Societies Act XXI-1860,S-3228 and NGO Affairs Bureau of the government of Bangladesh under the Foreign Donation Regulation Ordinance/Rule 1978,DSS/FDO/R/589. NUK is based in Dhaka with regional offices throughout the country, and its programs operate in all of Bangladesh ‘s 464 Upazillas under 64 districts.  Rapidly expanding in size and scope, NUK’s full-time staff of 314 and annual operating budget of approximately $5 million render it a mid-sized NGO by Bangladeshi standards.  Formulating and enacting gender responsive development policy with a reputable and effective NGO known as gender advocate in Bangladesh.

Target Audience

NUK has been working for women and adolescent girls and youth under different situation covering both urban and rural areas. More specifically, the target groups of NUK as as follows:

· Garment Afactory Workers;

· Trade Unions;

· Women elected representatives of local government;

· Local Women NGOs Leaders;

· Secondary Schools students;

· Rural Households.