Agaroshindur Sufia-Aftab Eye Hospital

Agaroshindur Sufia-Aftab Eye Hospital (ASAEH) was established in October 2000 as Agaroshindur Community Hospital with financial assistance from Japanese Embassy for addressing maternal, child and adolescent girls’ health care as well as for providing basic health care services to the poorest community of Pakundia Upzilla in Kishoreganj district. Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK) started its “Integrated …

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Poverty Alleviation & Family Development Program

Introduction: Nari Uddug Kendra initiated the programmes in 1996 in Pakundia Thana of Kishoreganj district. The name of the project was changed to “Women Empowerment, Gender Awareness & Poverty Alleviation” from October 2000. The main objectives of this programme are to enhance rural women’s leadership on attaining gender equality, human rights, political awareness and foster …

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Women’s Citizenship and Representation Program

Introduction: The Millennium Declaration commits governments to promote more inclusive political processes, allowing genuine participation by all citizens, as well as to gender equality and women’s empowerment. The Government of Bangladesh has stressed in its Poverty Reduction Strategy the importance of good governance and the role civil society plays in demanding responsiveness and accountability. NUK’s …

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